Welcome to Roseville, the heart of southern Warren County. This small community has a lot to offer with antique shops, a bowling alley, and good restaurants.

General Information

Parks and Areas of Interest

Details: Roseville Village Park

Offerings: Picnic tables and play equipment

Details: A comfortable 250-acre Lake with miles of shoreline accommodating neatly built and maintained year-around homes and boathouses. It’s numerous full-time residents and property owners living away from the lake enjoy a very active life of fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing, ice skating, snowmobile, ice fishing and various social activities all in the quiet atmosphere of the rural countryside filled with beautiful mature trees and various wildlife.

Offerings: The entire housing plot contains 576 generous sized lots – many exceeding one acre in size. At present there are 155 homes and numerous boathouses on the lake. Construction of new homes continues yearly. There is also a full-service camp ground for those property owners who have not yet built, but who want to enjoy the Lake and its activates from their camper trailer or mobile home. The actual Little Swan Lake membership only costs $100 per year, for which the organization stocks the lake with fish, maintains the surface area of the inner roads and provides snow removal in the winter. The Lake also sponsors several free social gatherings, with food, at its Clubhouse located at the east end of the lake. Take a drive and stop by and visit with any of the friendly residents of Little Swan Lake. They’ll be more than glad to tell you about this wonderful piece of heaven planted amongst the corn and bean fields in West Central Illinois.

Getting there: Little Swan Lake is South East of Roseville.


Truman Eldridge founded Roseville in 1839. Village History: Originally Known As Hat Grove.

Community Offices

Roseville Village Hall

Morgan Wise, term expires 2025
  Roseville Village President, Interim
  Roseville Village President is a part time position.
  Roseville 61473

 Karen Hayes, term expires 2025
  Roseville Village Clerk
  165 W Railroad St., Roseville 61473

Ramona Allen
  Roseville Village Treasurer
  PO Box 563, Roseville 61473

Dan Taflinger, term expires 2023
  Roseville Village Trustee
  90 N Chamberlain St., Roseville 61473

, term expires 2025
  Roseville Village Trustee
  , Roseville 61473

Mitch Gibb, term expires 2023
  Roseville Village Trustee
  345 S Hall St, Roseville 61473

Steve McCullough, term expires 2023
  Roseville Village Trustee
  375 S Chamberlain St, Roseville 61473

Terry Alexander, term expires 2025
  Roseville Village Trustee
  530 S Main St, Roseville 61463

Carla Oliver, term expires 2025
  Roseville Village Trustee
  230 E Maple St., Roseville 61473

Roseville City Hall is located on Penn Avenue in downtown Roseville. The City Hall and the Fire Station are in the same building.

Village Board Meetings:
When: First Monday of each month
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Roseville Village Hall

Committees within the Village Board:
Water & Sewer

Process for appearing before the Village Board: Request to appear on the agenda or during open forum

Is there a public comment period on the agenda: Yes

Last day to get on the agenda: Friday before the meeting


1) Village Maintained Water and Sewer. 
2) Waste Management performs weekly garbage pickup.