Coldbrook Township Highway Commissioner, Max McNeely, would like to thank his township employees, Tim Stevenson, Warren County Highway Department, neighboring townships, local farmers, Cozadd Diesel, Herr Petroleum, West Central Illinois Diesel, and fold that have helped during this very bad winter blizzard event. Although there is sll a lot of clean-up that needs to happen, we are in far beer shape than being snowbound. Our response was aided greatly be all those good people and I can’t tell them how appreciave I am. Thanks also for everyone’s paence who waited for us to get to them. We worked through very trying condions and breakdowns to prevail. Thanks to you all!


Julie Richardson
Coldbrook Twp Supervisor, 1376 200th Ave., Monmouth 61462

Sarah Mitchell
Coldbrook Twp Trustee, 2076 140
th St Cameron 61423

Kimberly Stevenson
Coldbrook Twp Trustee, 1636 210th Ave., Galesburg 61401

Alan Edwards
Coldbrook Twp Trustee, 1812 160th St., Cameron 61423

Mark Trulson
Coldbrook Twp Trustee, 1354 200th Ave., Monmouth 61462

Max McNeeley
Coldbrook Twp Rd Comm, 1878 130th St., Monmouth 61462

Rachel Macek
Coldbrook Twp Trustee 2038 150
th St Cameron 61423