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Warren County Property Tax Bill Update

June 7, 2024

Warren County has been in a conversion process with Real Estate and Mobile Home tax software.  Warren County has taken several steps to ensure that the conversion is executed as timely as possible.  Our conversion is now complete.  Listed are the tentative dates for property taxes.  To see a in depth schedule please scroll down this page.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Check out our new searchable property tax website below where you will also be able to print your tax bill as well.


Tax Bills are scheduled to be mailed on 6/18-6/19/24

1st installment due date is 7/26/24

2nd installment due date is 9/26/24

Tax sale date is 10/31/24 @ 10am

Mobile homes are due 7/30/24

A press release will be issued upon receiving information that tax bills have been mailed

Warren County, IL

Scan the QR code below to pay your property taxes online! Fees for using debit/credit cards is: 2.48% + $1.50

2024 tax dates to remember

Each year Real Estate Tax due dates are as close to June 1st and September 1st as possible due to our software conversion this year we will be running off schedule

5/23/24 Postmark for Mobile Home Taxes

7/30/24 Mobile Home Due Date

8/30/24, 9/30, 10/30 $25.00 Mobile Home monthly delinquent fee not to exceed $100.00 

*Tentative* 6/18-6/19 Property Tax bills are to be mailed

6/20/24 Participating banks will accept property tax payments

6/20/24 Payments can be made online with credit/debit cards

7/26/24 1st installment due

8/26/24 1.5 monthly interest will be charged

9/26/24  2nd installment due

10/26/24 If you have not paid your property tax bill please Contact Treasurer’s Office

10/7/24 Certified letter post-marked no longer accepts personal checks, additional $10.00 fee added

10/25/24 Sealed bid auction (tax sale registration begins 10/01/2024)

10/10-10/14 Publication date

10/24/24 Judgment day at 10:00 A.M.

10/31/24 Annual tax sale of delinquent taxes at 10:00 A.M


Each year Real Estate tax due dates are planned as close to June 1st and September 1st as possible. Warren County residents may choose to pay their property taxes online by following these directions:

  1. Go to http://www.govtechtaxpro.com 
  2. Click Pay Property Tax
  3. Enter State: Illinois
  4. Enter County: Warren County
  5. Enter the Parcel Number or Owner’s Name
  6. Select the method of payment, and check the box to acknowledge the service fee
  7. Select credit card payment
  8. Enter billing information and credit card information
  9. Finish

There will be a convenience fee charged by GovTechService, Inc. of 2.48% + $1.50

Unsold Parcels and Sealed Bids

The Warren County Tax Sale is held on the 3rd Monday of October each year. The Warren County Trustee program oversees the sale and purchase of all unsold parcels. All redemptions made after the sale are made directly to the Warren County Clerk’s office. 

The Warren County Treasurer’s Office will conduct a Sealed Bid Sale of County Trustee parcels annually. Check with the Treasurer each year for the date. Auction books are available for purchase at the Treasurer’s Office.

New Sales Tax Begins January 1, 2024

Beginning January 1st of 2024, the new sales tax for the new Warren County Law Enforcement Center will begin.

For a full summary visit: 


Danielle B. Cox, Warren County Treasurer

Welcome to the Treasurer and Collector Office

The Warren County Treasurer and Collector Office is responsible for administering and collecting the taxes and fees related to Warren County. We work to ensure that all fees and bills are dealt with in compliance with the State of Illinois laws and those set forth by the Warren County board. Additionally, the County Treasurer’s Office provides efficient, courteous service while upholding the fiduciary and statutory responsibilities required of the office. For any inquiries regarding outstanding taxes, tax payment records, or any of the services provided, please feel free to contact our office directly.

Our services include:

  • Collecting Real Estate taxes

  • Collecting Mobile Home taxes

  • Collecting Online tax payments

  • Collecting sealed bid sales

  • Collecting fees for Animal Control, including dog registration and citations

  • Oversees tax billing and records information 

  • Oversees distribution of Warren County funds

2023 PAY 2024 TAXES



The Warren County Treasurer’s Office, Warren County Animal Control & Warren County Board is pleased to announce our new dog registration program for Warren County.  The new program will allow Warren County residents to register their dogs online, if they so choose to do so. 


Residents can still come into the Treasurer’s Office or utilize mail options and register their dog.  This has been a work in progress migrating from our old system to the new system as Warren County has over 4,000 dogs.  We felt that this was a step in the right direction to make it easier for residents to be able to give an additional option to register their dogs.  


To view our new dog registration website please visit:  



Once you have entered the website, simply click on the My Account tab which will open options to login, create an account or if you contact our office, we can provide you with a quick account setup code for a quicker way to create an account.  Once an account has been created you will automatically see that your information as well as your dog information has been inputted into the system. 


If you are a new pet owner and have not registered with us, you will have to input your pet’s information.  Once you are logged in within the my account tab, you will be able to view your pets information, upload rabies certificates, upload photos, view/print rabies tag information, report your pet lost and several other options.  

This program will also allow you to purchase a rabies tag (as long as we approve the rabies certificate you upload) and you will be able to pay online (convenience fee will apply) and we will mail you your tag.   

Additional tabs with information that you will see on our website include Animal Control Ordinances, Animal Control information, WIAR (Western IL Animal Rescue) information and Freedom Ride Animal Rescue information. Tabs for adoptable pets and stray pets will be available in the near future.   

Please be on the look-out for reminder letters as well as late notices as we are working very hard to get everything updated.  In the future, we will also be able to send out notices via email.  As we transition from old to new, please be patient if you experience any issues and please contact us with any questions or problems.    

Yes, all Warren County dog owners must register their dog and purchase a dog tag.

If you no longer own a dog, please contact our office to update our records.

Your vet will report to our office your dog’s vaccination date. You have 30 days from the vaccination date to register and purchase dog tags.

Yes, late fees apply if you fail to register your dog and purchase dog tags 30 days from the vaccination date.

Yes, you, not your vet, will provide us with your dog’s vaccination information at the time of registration. 

Dog vaccinations (1 year or 3 year vaccine), require dog owners to update records with the Treasurer’s office with new tags  (1 year tag or 3 year tag). Please do not rely on your vet’s office to give us proof of vaccination.

Payment may be made in the form of cash, check, debit/credit card, or the drop box located on the east side of the courthouse. A convenience fee does apply when using a debit or credit card. Payments may also be made by phone with a debit/credit card IF we have the dog’s Rabies Certificate in our office. If paying over the phone or mailing a check, we

Yes! Rabies Certificates may be mailed or emailed to our office or payment can be made over the phone. Please see our contact information above.  

Yes, for those dog owners who pay over the phone, by mail, or by email, we will mail your dog tags via USPS mail. 

No problem, however, additional fees may apply. See below for the Late Fee schedule.

Questions regarding citations, animal control, or ordinance violations can be directed to the Warren County Animal Control office

Dogs are to be vaccinated at 16 weeks (4 months) of age for rabies and each year after.

If your dog received a three-year rabies vaccination you may purchase a three-year tag. If your dog is fixed/altered the fee for a three-year tag is $30.00 ($10.00 for each year).  If your dog is not fixed/altered you may purchase a three-year tag for a fee of $165.00. 

Warren County dog tags assist in returning lost dogs to their owners. 

Yes, while microchipping dogs help in case they are lost, Warren County Animal Control can run a scanner over the dog to find the microchip number and help return your dog home quicker.

Animal Control Fees

The Warren County Treasurer’s office is responsible for collecting dog registrations, fees, and other related payments in accordance with the Warren County Animal Control office. Remember, once you get your dog vaccinated, (1 year or 3 year vaccine) it is your responsibility to come and register your dog (1 year tag or 3 year tag).

Dog Registration and Dog Tags Fees:

$15.00 Registration Fee includes 1 year rabies tag.

$30.00 Additional fee for non-spayed or neutered dogs (not applicable to first, or 1 year registrations).

Late Dog Registration and Dog Tags Fees: 

1 month – 3 months late:

1 month – 3 months late:

3 month – 6 months late:

3 month – 6 months late:

6 month – 12 months late:

6 month – 12 months late:

12 month – 24 months late:

12 month – 24 months late:


1 year tag: $15 late fee + $15.00 tag

3 year tag: $15 late fee + $45.00 tag

1 year tag: $20 late fee + $15.00 tag

3 year tag: $20 late fee + $45.00 tag

1 year tag: $25 late fee + $15.00 tag

3 year tag: $25 late fee + $45.00 tag

1 year tag: $30 late fee + $15.00 tag

3 year tag: $30 late fee + $45.00 tag


TOTAL: $30

TOTAL: $60

TOTAL: $35

TOTAL: $65

TOTAL: $40

TOTAL: $70

TOTAL: $45

TOTAL: $75



Per Ordinance 06-10-11 Animal Control Section 4 – Altered (fixed) Dogs, at the time of the second registration, any unaltered dog, whether male or female and with or without permanent identification, shall be assessed a $30.00 fee.  Any person purchasing a subsequent alteration fee after the anniversary date shall pay a late fee.   This fee shall be assessed yearly and will be paid in addition to other applicable fees.  Any altered or confined dogs shall be exempt from this fee.  If surgery poses a serious health risk to a dog due to a pre-existing medical condition, a medical exemption may be granted and obtained from a veterinarian.  Every owner must present or mail two copies of the Warren County Rabies Certificate to the Warren County Treasurer’s office with a veterinarian’s signature verifying permanent alteration at the time of registration.

Animal Control Ordinance Violation Tickets

If you have received a letter please contact the Treasurer’s Office within thirty (30) days.  Due to Warren County Ordinance# 06-10-11 Section 6 – Enforcement (b) Failure to purchase a rabies inoculation tag within 30 days of vaccination and within 30 days of the anniversary date each year thereafter shall result in a citation being issued by the Animal Control Warden.  If you receive a Warren County ordinance violation, please be advised that you will not be able to pay your citation in our office until we have proof of vaccination and you are current on your dog tags.  Please do not rely on your vet’s office to give us proof of vaccination. 

Steps Of A Dog Violation

Warren County Animal Control will issue a ticket including a court date.  If you do not take care of the ticket with the Warren County Treasurer’s office (have to have proof of current rabies vaccination and pay the ticket) before the court date, you have to SHOW UP IN COURT.

If you miss that court date, the Warren County Circuit Clerk will issue a summons, along with any associated fees, to the Warren County Sheriff whereby a Sheriff’s Deputy will serve you.  Once served, you will still need to pay the ticket with the Treasurer (have to have proof of current rabies vaccination and pay the ticket) and APPEAR on the court date of the summons.

If you FAIL TO APPEAR in court once SUMMONED, you may be found in DEFAULT (guilty) which will result in a fine and court costs payable to the Warren County Circuit Clerk.

Freedom of Information (FOIA)

PLEASE send your FOIA requests to the appropriate office.

This is the Treasurer & Collector’s Office.
Please direct your FOIA requests to: [email protected]

FOIA request form

Instructions for Requesting Information and Public Records
1. Please make your request for records in writing. Warren County does not require the completion of a standard form for this purpose, however
a form is available in the link above for your convenience. To submit the available form electronically you must save it to your computer then e-mail it to the appropriate department below. You may submit your written request by mail, fax, email or in person. If sending your request via email, use FOIA in the subject line to identify your emails as a FOIA request and to reduce the possibility of it being filtered as SPAM.

2. Please be as specific as possible when describing the records you are seeking. Remember, FOIA is designed to allow you to inspect or receive copies of records. It is not designed to require a public body to answer questions. To the extent that you wish to ask questions of a representative of Warren County, please refer to the department list below.

3. Please tell us whether you would like copies of the requested records, or whether you wish to examine the records in person. You have the right to do either.

4. For black and white, letter or legal sized copies, the first 50 pages are free, unless a different fee is otherwise fixed by statute. Any additional pages will be charged at .15 cents per page. Color and abnormal size copies will be charged the actual cost of copying.

5. You are permitted to ask for a waiver of copying fees. To do so, please include the following statement (or a similar statement) in your written FOIA request. “I request a waiver of all fees associated with this request.” In addition, you must include a specific explanation as to why your request for information is in the public interest – not simply your personal interest – and merits a fee waiver.

6. Please include your name, preferred telephone numbers(s), mailing address, and, if you wish, your electronic mail address. 

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Overview
The purpose of the Freedom of Information Act is to ensure that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government, and the official acts and policies of those who represent them as public officials.
The principle mandate of the Act provides that each public body shall make available to any person for inspection, or upon submission of a written request, to provide copies of any requested records that are subject to disclosure under the Act. Not all records are subject to disclosure, and the Act provides a number of exemptions.
This Act is not intended to be used to violate individual privacy, nor for the purpose of furthering a commercial enterprise, or to disrupt the duly-undertaken work of any public body independent of the fulfillment of any of the rights of the people to access to information (5 ILCS 140/1). 

Response Time On FOIA Requests
All written requests shall be responded to within five (5) working days (5 ILCS/140/3) following the date the request is received, except in the instance when the request is for commercial purposes. (Within 21 working days of receiving a request for commercial purposes Warren County will: (1) provide a reasonable estimate of time needed to comply with the request along with an estimate of the fees which the requestor will be charged; (2) deny the request pursuant to a statutory exemption; (3) notify the requestor if the request is unduly burdensome and allow the requestor to revise the request to manageable proportions; or (4) provide the requested records). The five (5) day count begins the day after the receipt of the FOIA request by the Department Head or designated department FOIA officer. The requester may be notified of a five (5) day extension (working days) if the files are voluminous, at different locations, or if other reasons make it impossible to assemble and mail the request out within the normal five (5) day period. 

Denial of FOIA Requests
All county employees are encouraged to provide available information when requested by the public. Information provided or denied under the FOIA, however, must conform to the legal requirements under the Act. Certain documents may be exempt from disclosure pursuant to specific sections in the Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140/3(g);7;7.5).
When a public body denies a request for public records, that body must, within five (5) working days, or within any extended compliance period provided for in the Act, notify the person who made the request, by letter, of the decision to deny the request. The letter must explain the reasons for the denial, and give the names and titles of all persons responsible for the denial.

Appeal of Denial of FOIA Requests
Any person denied access to inspect or copy any public record for any reason may appeal the denial by sending a written notice of appeal to the Public Access Counselor at the following address:
Public Access Counselor
Office of the Attorney General
500 S. 2nd Street
Springfield, Illinois 62706
Phone: 1-877-299-FOIA (1-877-299-3642)
Fax: 2017-782-1396
E-mail: [email protected]

For additional information regarding the Freedom of Information Act, please visit the Illinois Attorney General’s website  http://www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/government/idex.html