Appointment Directory

708 Mental Health Board

Appointed in April

Shimmin, Leah 
Schar, Lyman
Temple, Alex
Hennenfent, Victoria “Vicki”
McVey, Stephanie
Carlson, Becky
Ouellette, Brandon

911 Committee

Appointed in – – –

Helms, Kenny
Lant, Kelly
Winbigler, Randy
Blackman, Brandon
Brown, Ron
Howard, Mike
Pressley, Shelia
Conard, James “Jim”
Rexroat, Casey
Cavanaugh, Sean
Edwards, Martin
Taylor, Justin
Page, Darrell
Spears, Pat
Melleny, Steve

Abingdon Fire Protection District

Appointed in February
Ray, DavidTerm Expires: April 2023
Johnson, EmilKnox County
Thomas, Rory ToddKnox County

Alexis Fire Protection District

Appointed in February
Martin, AdamTerm Expires: February 2025
Rogers, CharlesTerm Expires: February 2024
Vanfleet, Timothy “Tim”Mercer County

Avon Fire Protection District

Appointed in February
Kramer, JohnTerm Expires: April 2026
Bradley, DavidFulton County
Postin, BrettFulton County
Anderson, ChrisaN/A

Warren County Board of Review

Appointed in – – –

Jenks, David “Dave” 
Killey, Richard
Roger, Charles
Carlson, Bob

Cameron Drainage District

Appointed in – – –
Bogener, RonadeneTerm Expires: September 2024
Johnson, FredTerm Expires: September 2025
Youngquist, GeneTerm Expires: September 2026

Central Warren Fire Protection District

Appointed in February
Johnson, JeffTerm Expires: April 2025
Armstrong, JakeTerm Expires: April 2026
Shimmin, RobertTerm Expires: April 2024


Appointed in – – –
Rexroat, CaseyTerm Expires: December – Yearly

Little York Fire Protection District

Appointed in February
Johnson, Michael “Mike”Term Expires: April 2025
Lee, Edward “Ed”Term Expires: April 2026
Campbell, RussellHenderson County

Little Swan Lake Sanitary District

Appointed in February
Douglass, MatthewTerm Expires: April 2024
Breen, Robert J.Term Expires: April 2025
McKinley, PatrickTerm Expires: April 2026

Public Aid Committee

Appointed in – – –

Kelly Twp
Parrish Carol, Lenox Twp
Baughman John, Floyd Twp
Scott Donna, Monmouth Twp
Michael Pearson, Co Bd Chair

RSP&E Fire Protection District

Appointed in February
Kane, JohnTerm Expires: February 2024
Adkisson, ToddTerm Expires: February 2025
Livermore, GregTerm Expires: February 2026

Warren County Board of Health

Appointed in – – –
Battenburg, Dr. JamesTerm Expires: July 2026
Cole, TiffanyTerm Expires: July 2026
 Bresnahan, TimTerm Expires: July 2026 
Larsen, JoanTerm Expires: July 2024
Smith, Sidney “Sid”Term Expires: July 2025
Gibson, KarenTerm Expires: July 2025
McGuire, AlTerm Expires: July 2025
Medrano, Dr. RuebenTerm Expires: July 2026

Warren County Housing Authority

Appointed in – – –
Higbee, SusanTerm Expires: April 2027
Romano, JoeTerm Expires: April 2026
Bivens, ChristineTerm Expires: April 2025
Carlson, AdamTerm Expires: April 2028
Sanburg, GinaTerm Expires: April 2024

Warren County Zoning Board of Appeals

Appointed in – – –
Tappe, LeroyTerm Expires: December 2026
Adcock, Robert, ChairmanTerm Expires: December 2026
Kramer, BillTerm Expires: December 2028
Winbigler, Richard “Rick”Term Expires: December 2024
Conard, JimTerm Expires: December 2023